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Nights of The Nentir Vale

Since winters beginning, a thick fog has rolled off Lake Nen, and there’s whispers of shadowy figures lurking along its frozen banks and the treeline of Winterbole Forest. The Nentir Vale has seen brighter days, when trade with the Dwarfs of Hammerfast was frequent. Empty halls now greet the merchants who venture there.

Only Fallcrest, a remnant of the last empire, prospers. Surrounding Farmland and the Nentir River have provided well for this town, and has become a beacon for refugees from Winterhaven, where something dark has infested the keep, and adventurers seeking fame, fortune and glory.

Now is your time to be the hero…

Now is your time to carve your name into history…

Now is your time to rise above the rest…

Nights of the Nentir Vale is loosely based on the Nenter Vale setting found in the Dungeon Masters Guide, with the first adventure in this episodic tale being Kobold Hall… Depending on scheduling, I hope to have a relaxed pace for this campaign.

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Nights of the Nentir Vale DM_Bobamus